3. Executive


Conduct of the day-to-day business of the Society is vested in
the Executive. All members are eligible for election to the Executive at the Annual General Meeting. Terms of office run from September 1st to August 31st each year. Vacancies may be filled by a vote of the Executive.

2016/2017 Executive:


To reach any of these people, use CONTACT page.

President Liz Avison
Vice-President John Zvanitajs
Past President George Reeve
Secretary June Hays
Treasurer George Reeve
Entertainment Director Ted Fry
Membership Vacant
Newsletter John Zvanitajs
Phone Committee Joy Ball
Members-at-Large Russ Strathdee Paul Marshall

The Executive meets on the 1st Friday of each
month (Sept to June) and at other times as needed.

Past Presidents:

  • 1990-1994         Betty Bolan
  • 1995-1996         Gil Davis
  • 1997-1999         Don McIlveen
  • 1999-2001         Ted Fry
  • 2001-2003        Marie Ecclestone
  • 3004-2005        Joan Proctor
  • 2006-2007        Paul Henderson
  • 2007-2009        Lori Montgomery
  • 2009-2013         George Reeve
  • 2013 -Present   Liz Avison

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