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Dec.16, 2012 – Louis Lefaive & His Kings of Swing


The Kings of Swing:

  • piano and vocals – Louis Lefaive
  • base – Carl Rabinowitz
  • drums – Rick Patenaude
  • piano, sax and vocals – Mark Hathaway
  • saxophones – Russ Strathdee


A few photos from that great Fun-Filled afternoon at Sticky Fingers…

Margaret, Phyllis and June
Some very appreciative young fans at Russ’s end of the stage.
Russ and Louis
The dace floor was packed.
Rick, Carl and Mark
The dance floor continued to be packed.

Here’s a little snippet of video, shot from on stage during “Rockin’ Robin” – another flavour of “jazz”?

[vimeo 61686204 w=500&h=280]
Please excuse poor video quality – It’s all about the FUN everyone was having.


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